What is the Material used for weaving of the Rugs / Mats?

A) These Rugs / Mats all woven together with PP Tubes & tenacity PPMF Yarn..

How many colors are used in Rugs / Mats?

A) Maximum 4 Colors is possible in Rugs / Mats.

What are the tolerances in these Rugs / Mats?

A) Weight: +/- 5% Length: +/- 3% Width: +/- 2%

What are the different qualities produced in this Rugs / Mats?

There are two type of quality produced in this:
a) Virgin PP Rugs / Mats
b) Recycled PP Rugs / Mats.

Can these Rugs / Mats be made in any Color?”

Yes it can be made in any pantone color if we use Virgin PP. But if it’s made from Recycled PP some time may not be possible

Are these Rugs / Mats suitable for outdoor use?

These Rugs / Mats are great for the outdoors. The mats can be UV treated to prevent fading of colours and the plastic from disintegration from exposure to sunlight.